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Lightweight packaging
Has become a heavyweight argument


Ecolean develop and manufacture packagingsystems for the liquid food industry – packaging material, packaging, and filling machines.

Our answer to the global demand of a resource saving society is a lighter approach to packaging. By using a minimal amount of raw material we produce a truly lightweight package and thus reduce the environmental impact. Its weight alone saves resources. Our modern lightweight packaging is consumer convenience and environmental concern in one.

The typical Ecolean customer is a dairy or a beverage company although we see our customers in a wider perspective. Retail chains and consumers are just as important.

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At Ecolean, we turn everyday products into shelf heroes. You know the brands that are lucky enough to be picked by demanding consumers. Quickly and repeatedly, leaving other products on the shelf wondering what they did wrong. Brands that stand out both in terms of product and packaging.

Ecolean was founded in 1996 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Innovation has always been fundamental for Ecolean. The concept of using a minimal amount of raw material to produce a unique flexible lightweight package and a filling system has been established by people with great knowledge and long experience within the global packaging industry. Today Ecolean is a fast growing and globally expanding company that continuously develops its products in order to meet new customer and consumer demands.

Ecolean has commercial activities in 30 countries, the largest markets being China, Russia and Pakistan. Ecolean employs over 300 people and has it headquarter in Helsingborg, Sweden.

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We’re a fast-growing innovator and producer of lightweight packaging serving well over 30 countries with a new, proactive way of doing business. Welcome to contact us to get to know us better!

Ecolean develop and manufacture packaging systems for the liquid food industry – packaging material, packaging, and filling machines.

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